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 Profiting With Forex

The Forex Trading Market is huge and growing daily.

With over 6 million global searches, "Forex" is basically about teaching people and companies how to profit with foreign currency trading.

The Forex markets are huge, with over $4 trillion traded daily. Most of this is traded by huge organisations - central banks, hedge funds and the like - but individuals can also trade Forex, and its these individuals that the "how to trade with Forex market caters to. Teachcing people is big business - the top product on ClickBank, FAPTurbo claims to have sold over 100,000 copies.

Now for a quick bit of market history.

In 2008, manual systems were popular (that is systems which no automation that you have to manually trade with).  

However, since then the market has exploded and now "forex robots" and "forex signals". Forex robots (18,000 global searches) are scripts that plug into a trading platform and automatically trade - these are now the norm. Just look at the Google trends results for "forex robots" - it literally comes out of nowhere mid 2008.

Forex signals (60,000 searches) are similar to robots except they don't trade automatically - they send the trader an automated "signal" which describes what and when to trade. The Forex trading market for the last 2 years has been dominated by robots and signals, and manual systems are appearing less and less (why would anyone do something manually when it can be automated for them?).

Forex is similar to the "make money" niche in that there are many regular "product launches", where a new Forex robot or signals service suddenly launches, does thousands of sales, then disappears off the radar. This presents huge opportunities (the obvious one being that "product name" keywords on the search engines can generate huge profits in a short period of time).

The reason these launches do so well is that many customers are repeat buyers who will buy not just one Forex system or robot, but dozens and dozens.

This demand for more and more systems then gives rise to a very well developed network of "joint venture partners" - product owners with massive lists of customers who they can promote new launches to via e-mail.

In fact, the JV network for Forex is arguably the best in any market, perhaps only slightly less developed than "make money" but with each lead being worth more.

Unfortunately, this massive potential isn't found in the PPC markets. The vast majority of Forex related keywords are dominated by Forex brokers and trading platforms. These guys can make thousands from a single customer, meaning they can outbid anyone selling forex systems or robots.

Having said that, there are still many lower volume keywords to go after - and because the Forex customer is so hungry, these can still be profitable. It can also be extremely profitable to advertise on the "content network" and Yahoo's publisher networks.

The organic (seo) market is much more open, with thousands of potentially profitable terms to go after (the forex brokers might bid on anything related to Forex but they don't deliberately target terms like "forex robot" or "make money with forex" organically).

Also, there are thousands of independent forums and authority sites to advertise on. These are generally very low cost and easy to target.

Finally, there are many opportunities on the social networking sites. Search "Forex" on Twitter and the the top 10 Twitterers have over 150,000 followers.

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